You Have Something to Say!

Photo by Nick Morrison on UnsplashHello TLC family and community members!

We are opening up a wonderful opportunity for you to be published on our up and coming church website.  This is your chance to become a contributor to Transfiguration’s church blog!  A blog is “a regularly updated website or webpage, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style”. We’re looking for stories and experiences of all varieties.  Write about your journey with God, your relationship with the church, church events, things taking place in the community, etc.  The possibilities are endless and open to all who are interested in helping Transfiguration thrive in the digital world!

Basic Steps to getting published on the blog:

  1. Brainstorm and write your piece.  The standard blog entry is around 600 words.  (If you want to write something longer, you can discuss starting your own blog series with the site editors.)  In addition to this, please provide a brief biography (2-4 sentences about yourself, whatever you want the readers to know about the author of the piece) as well as a picture.  The picture is preferred but not required.
  2. Turn in your piece for editing.  Your blog post can be sent digitally to the email address or shared through Facebook Messenger on our page (  Alternatively, a physical copy can be turned into Leslie Jones or Ashley Jones during church hours and into the church mailbox after hours.  Please how you would like to be reached (phone, email, or Facebook Messenger) in order for the editing process to begin.
  3. Collaborate with editors. Within a week or two, our editors will contact you and discuss the piece and will provide you a copy of the original piece with notes and an edited version.  This process will be a collaboration in which you will be the creative lead and the editor is just there to help you along.  Also, since we are in the digital age and visuals are very important, the editor will also provide a group of pictures for you to choose from to make your piece more visual and colorful.
  4. You’re a published contributor on the page! After you are happy with the final product, your piece will be published on the official Transfiguration Lutheran Church blog.  We encourage you to share it with all your friends because this is something to be extremely proud of!  Your piece will be on this website and also posted to the TLC Facebook page.

You have the option to post just the once or to become a regular contributor to our blog.  Either way you will become a unique part of bringing TLC into the 21st century!  If you are not confident in your writing skills but have an amazing idea for a post, send that idea via any of the methods mentioned above and our editors will also help you through the writing process.  There will also be workshops in the future to teach blog writing skills and help turn ideas into blog posts.

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