To the Reverend Aaron, Pastor of Transfiguration Church

By Rose M. Green

Reverend Dickerson came to Transfiguration Lutheran in later 2017. Rev. Dickerson preached for us on Sundays after Reverend Dr. Stanley Engram’s health seriously began to deteriorate and he was unable to fulfill his pastoral duties.

Every Sunday Pastor Dickerson preached a sermon with his family right by his side. Pastor Dickerson delivered very powerful sermons that were uplifting, inspiring and really touched the hearts of our congregation. The congregation and its guests sat there very attentively, listening to God’s word as we were being fed spiritually and emotionally. When the sermon was really getting good you could tell, because some of the worshipers and members would shake their heads, take notes, smile, laugh or give verbal responses or signs of approval at what Pastor Dickerson said. Each week members would tell Pastor Dickerson how much they enjoyed the sermon he had just delivered; and they did it with a follow-up question.  They would say, “Are you coming back next week?” Pastor Dickerson would reply by saying, “If they ask me back.” The members’ always spoke out, and let it to be known, they wanted him back next Sunday and the Sunday after that.

Reverend Dr. Stanley Engram passed away on May 5, 2018 – to be with the Lord. The congregation had to seriously think about a new shepherd that would lead the flock here at Transfiguration Lutheran Church. It was time for someone to continue the mission the Lord had place here.

The Executive Board, the Church Counsel and the congregation had meetings and discussions about finding a new pastor. One Sunday in a church meeting I subjected that Pastor Dickerson should become the next Shepherd of Transfiguration and I told the congregation what I had observed when Pastor Dickerson would preach on Sundays. At those times the congregation seemed very pleased with his manner of preaching and way Pastor Dickerson stuck to the Word of God. We also enjoyed the fact that his family was always there to fellowship with us, a family we have we had gotten to know and love very much.

Pastor Dickerson’s’ position was not a traditional call for a vacancy pastor according to Missouri Synod’s standard; we wanted Reverend Aaron Dickerson to serve as our pastor.
Pastor Aaron Dickerson was later asked to serve as the next Pastor of Transfiguration Lutheran Church. After conversation with his family, he accepted the position. Reverend Dickerson began the position on June 1, 2018 and he jumped right into being our Shepherd and getting to know our members.

Reverend Aaron Dickerson, on behalf of Transfiguration Lutheran Church we would like to celebrate your first year as pastor of Transfiguration Lutheran Church. We would also like to present to you a token of our appreciation and thanks with this plaque.

This lovely dedication was given by Rose M. Green, the Vice-President of Transfiguration Lutheran Church on Sunday, July 14, Reverend Aaron Dickerson’s first anniversary as the pastor of TLC.  Photos and memories from this celebration can be found on our Facebook page through this link.  (Copy and paste this URL if the link does not work for you: )

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