COVID-19 Update- We’re Back!!!

On March 24, we sent letters to our members to inform them of how we can stay in touch and in prayer with one another.  We outlined the ways in which TLC is working to continue our outreach virtually.

An excerpt from the letter to our members:

The leaders of St. Louis City and County have issued a shut down of all non-essential travels to help with social distancing to avoid the spread of COVID-19.  In light of this information, our Leadership Team has met (via conference call and videoconferencing) to layout plans to continue worship, bible study, and prayer as a community for the members of TLC.  We will need to take advantage of the many technological tools and other options that are available to achieve our goals.

We will be using conference calling, video conferencing, Givelify and the good old postal system to help us through this time.

A more detailed schedule with web links and conference numbers will be posted to our homepage, but here is a general schedule:

Church Service- Sunday, 11:00 via am Zoom Video Conference

Word and Prayer- Wednesday, 10:15 am via Conference Call

Bible Study- Tuesday (2nd and 4th of the month), 6:00 pm via Zoom Video Conference

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