TLC Reopening!

Big News: Transfiguration Lutheran Church will be reopening for Sunday worship services. Our first in-person service will be held on April 4, Resurrection Sunday. View the slideshow below to learn more about our safety protocols.

For those who are more comfortable attending from home our services will still be streamed live via Zoom. Link:

Thank you to the leadership team, members, volunteers, and cleaners that helped make our reopening possible!

2 thoughts on “TLC Reopening!

  1. Let your light shine…pointing others to God.

    Many people have expressed “can’t wait for their church to open again”. The question to be answered “what will you do upon return”?

    Service to God while serving others is crucial for ministry growth. Let’s get busy with some kingdom building activities.

    Matt. 5:16 reminds us to be a reflection of Him. The world is becoming darker in numerous ways…we’re created to be bring light.

    Shirley Jackson


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