Community Conversation with Colonel Hayden

As clarified in our Updated Mission, Vision, and Values, we are determined “to be a Christ-centered church that displays the love of Christ and connects with all people through our creative ministries, discipleship, and outreach.”  We are committed to reaching each member, the youth in our church and community, the lost and unchurched, and our community.

On Tuesday, October 15, Transfiguration Lutheran Church hosted a community conversation between the police, the community, and the church.  We are grateful to Colonel Hayden, the SLMPD Police Commissioner, and Captain Kriesmann, our district captain, for coming to TLC and having such an open conversation with us and our community.  According to Colonel Hayden, drugs are very prevalent in our community. Additionally, there is a strong correlation between drug use/distribution and gun violence.  However, we were assured that, though it may not seem like it, the number of homicides are decreasing.

Our new mission states that we are committed to “ministering to the spiritual and physical needs of God’s people in our church and community.”  We are determined to find growth opportunities within our community.  The crime and problems are mostly the actions of people acting out desperation.  We believe our calling is to help alleviate that desperation in our community and have found several ministry opportunities to tackle:

  • Job training and job availability
  • Drug/addiction recovery ministry
  • Addressing domestic violence in the community
  • Food pantry (already in action)

As we prepare for the holiday season and the new year, TLC is putting forth action plans to engage more with the community and increase our impact and outreach.  This conversation with Colonel Hayden and Captain Kriesmann with the neighborhood citizens gave us some in-dept perspectives on how we can help the community more.  We will be using this valuable information as we make action plans for our outreach ministries.

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