TLC Golden Girls Honored

The women of Transfiguration Lutheran Church hosted their annual Women’s Day on October 13, 2019.  With a powerful message from Evangelist Jacqueline Ewing, beautiful music from the Women’s Day choir, and dynamic contributions and participation from the women of TLC and our sister churches, there was a true celebration of the event’s theme: Daughters of the King.

Some very specific daughters of the King  were recognized at Women’s day: TLC’s four Golden Girls.  The Golden Girls recognition is part of the annual program to give honor and gratitude to older women (75+ years) who are still worshipping and serving in the ministry of the church.  The honorees for 2019 were: Edna Jones, Mary Kimbrough, Ida Mobley, and  Lavern Walker.

Edna Jones

Mrs. Edna Jones is a force to be reckoned with an indispensable member of the community that Transfiguration serves.  She serves faithfully on the Usher Board.  Mrs. Jones also lives in the neighborhood and is often a caregiver for the children of the community.  She makes sure that the children and their parents know about Vacation Bible School and the TLC Summer Day Camp.  Additionally, she takes it a step further and escorts to children to and from the church!

Mary Kimbrough

Mrs. Kimbrough is steadfast in her commitment to the church and always makes sure she has a way to get to church.  When asked about Mary Kimbrough, anyone who has had the privilege of hearing her voice will remember its power.  Mrs. Kimbrough has served in the choir for many, many years as a strong and unforgettable tenor.  Anyone who hears her sing “Lead Me, Guide Me” will be blessed.

Ida Mobley

Mrs. Ida Mobley has had her hands in several of the church’s ministries.  Though she loves and cares for everyone, Mrs. Mobley has a special affinity for the children and youth of the church and the surrounding community.  She serves as foster-grandparent for abused children.  She has also served on the Usher Board for a long time and is now a member of the chancel choir.  Mrs. Mobley is a caregiver for TLC, providing meals whenever needed.  She runs the kitchen for special services, Vacation Bible School, TLC Summer Day Camp, and any other events. 

Lavern Walker

Mrs. Lavern Walker is a strong and devoted prayer warrior.  She started and continues to run the church’s prayer chain and makes sure that our members, families, friends, and communities are all fortified in prayer.  Within the last few years, she has also started the church’s community prayer which takes place every first Sunday.  Between those two prayer ministries, Mrs. Walker has made sure that TLC is lifted up in prayer both in and out of the church. Additionally, Mrs. Walker has served on the church’s committee on evangelism and stewardship.

Thank you, Golden Girls!

The recipients received a bouquet of flowers, a certificate of appreciation, and an appreciation card with a monetary gift.  TLC is so grateful to these women’s and their years of service. They are true role models for their families, their communities, and the women of TLC.

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