COVID Contributions: Member Highlights

Though TLC has only been meeting virtually, our members have been stepping up in their jobs and everyday lives to help the people of St. Louis transition and function during this pandemic.

TLC members and volunteers

Throughout the summer and through September, members of TLC teamed up with the USDA to provide boxes of fresh produce to those in need. Thank you to members, Shirley Jackson, Marie Medcalf, Ida Mobley, Elmerrine Smith, Ruth Walker, Kathy Hawkins, as well as our neighborhood and USDA volunteers.

Member and volunteer, Shirley Jackson states, “First, thank you Father for giving us another day. The day started with rain and it was continous on and off throughout the afternoon. This caused some volunteers to stay away. How often have you paused to notice how God always provides…rain or sunshine. The rain may slow mobility but it didn’t cancel the event. To God be all the glory.

We are grateful to USDA, Urban Strategies and the faithful volunteers. The dedication of service during this pandemic was nothing but a GOD thing. We were blessed to serve approximately 110 families… We shall weather this storm the pandemic caused only by His mercy and grace.”

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